Recycling of residues and by-products

Makes sweet and right energy sourced supplement food

Adival is leading within recycling residues. We produce different kind of sweet feed supplements such as the popular cookie mix for animals, based on cakes and biscuits. It is used as ingredient in the production of animal feed and is used as flavoring and energy source for the farmers who mix their own feed.

We also produce animal feed based on waste products from the candy industry. This product is used as energy supplement for sows and as flavoring for calves.

​Environment and well-being of animals

In recent years it has become more and more important to focus on reducing food waste in all sectors. That is what we do by producing our cookie mix for animals.

During more than 20 years Adival has been responsible for collecting waste products which instead of being scrapped have been manufactured into a tasteful animal feed. This product gives bigger appetite and better well-being in the stables and at the same time reduces the pressure on the environment relating to the removal of the waste products.


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